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February 5, 2013 · 0 comments

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As I was out for a run Saturday morning, I saw a dad being great with his little boy.

As I rounded a corner I found a dad out playing basketball in his driveway with his little boy.  The boy couldn’t have been more than maybe four years old.  It was a full-size ball and a regular-size hoop, though the hoop had been lowered to about three quarters of the height of a normal hoop.  Still, the boy was too small to toss the ball high enough to get into the hoop.

What captured my attention was that it was early in the morning, probably around 8:30am.  And though it was sunny, it was cold.  Probably about 35 degrees, and they were the only people out “playing” that I saw that morning.

Both the dad and the boy had what appeared to be their pajamas on.  The boy had on a green set of feet pajamas.  The dad had on regular pajamas bottoms and a coat and hat on. It was evident by their activity whose idea it was to go out and play.  The boy was energetically bouncing the ball all over the driveway doing his best to throw the ball up to the hoop.  Dad was the shivering rebounder with hands in his pockets, content to see his son give his best shot on his own.

The scene took me back to days when my kids wanted me to go out and kick the soccer ball around, or shoot hoops, or play a board game.  Many a times I wasn’t feeling up to it and came up with some lame excuse to avoid the activity, which is why I admired this dad so much.   With the cold and the early morning, I’m sure he could have thought of many other activities to do with his son, but the boy clearly wanted to be out there playing hoops.  So out they went.  Way to go, dad!  Play with your son, even when you’re not feeling up to it.  You’ll never regret it!


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